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Plan your day on Georgian Bay with customized wave and weather forecasts on your phone.
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Limited Time:

We are offering NautWise COMPLETE at no cost. This allows you to customize your activities, boat size and location. This is a $199 Value.


NautWise has been created with Georgian Bay boaters in mind.  It offers you wave and weather forecasts on your mobile, optimizing your time with personalized insights. Use NautWise and ensure every trip you take on Georgian Bay is as fulfilling as it can be.


Well worth the investment!

I utilize NautWise daily when my boat is docked. Not only does it assist in enjoying my boat at the optimum time, with accurate forecasting but also keeps it safe from costly damages. Water fluctuation can cause immense damage to your boat. Well worth the investment.

Brent Hayes

Very Useful

As a boater, I find this information very useful, Especially the opportunity to look at the weather, wave height and wind speed, on the day of a planned outing on Georgian Bay

Jack Pady

Very Impressed

I am very impressed by how easy this app is to use even for someone like me who is not very technical.

As a boater/fisherman NautWise makes it easy and quick to navigate through the weather, wind, wave height, water depth, and temperature. The important things to me without having to go in and out of other apps to find this out.  NautWise has placed everything I need for boating at my fingertips.  I can see where this will be a great tool for all boaters.

Dave MacMillan

Plan Your day on Georgian Bay with customized, wave and weather forecasts on your phone.